Advertise/Feature your event

It is possible to advertise on this website and have your website featured.
There are multiple options for this:

  1. Feature on the homepage of

    Upto 8 events can be featured simultaneously on our homepage. Be one of the first events for our visitors to see! You can choose between different price models:

    1. 1 month featured on homepage: 15€
    2. 3 months featured on homepage: 40€
    3. 6 months featured on homepage: 80€
    4. 1 year featured on homepage: 150€
    5. 10% discount for second featured event!
  2. Feature on the right sidebar of

    Limited to only 2 events! Your event wil constantly catch the eye of our visitors, as the right sidebar is shown on about 95% of all our webpages. Different price models are possible:

    1. 1 month featured on sidebar: 25€
    2. 3 months featured on sidebar: 65€
  3. Feature in newsletter:
    Coming soon 🙂

If you are interested in featuring your event on our website, please contact us to discuss details!