Goddess Belly Dance Belfast Contest

June 30, 2018 - June 30, 2018

Type of event: Competition


Miss Belly Dance Belfast /Goddess Belly Dance Belfast Contest

Belly Dance Academy Belfast welcomes everyone to our first edition of Miss Belly Dance Belfast/ Goddess Belly Dance Belfast.

This event is taking place on the same day as our second edition of our International Belly Dance Festival, aka ‘Dum Tak – Middle Eastern Festival of Arts, Dance and Music’

Programme- 7.30-10.30pm
Closing with Our Festival Guess teacher and Open night dancers.

Guests – doors open at 7.15pm
Ticket fee- £10 – £8 performers & £5 students
Purchase- contact Sara at bellydanceacademybelfast@gmail.com

Judge for oriental:
Jamilah, Sara, Moti & Ola
Judge for Modern/Fusion style:
Sara, Yasmina & Stacey
Venue: Maitri Studio

**Contestants information-
Doors opens at
Fee for soloist & group £25 to enter the contest

*Categories are – Oriental Style Belly Dance & Modern/Fusion Style Belly Dance

A) Soloist
B) Group

Song duration – max 3.5 mins
Maximum of 5 group performance for each category
Maximum of 10 soloist performance for each category

(Pre booking is necessary due to limited numbers).

Basic Rules:

A) Oriental: mejance, tarab, pop song, veils & Sagats/Zills, Golden era, Baladi (we are open to Folkloric too)
B) Modern/Fusion: Any props allowed from Isis wings, fan veils, candles, tray and so on)

Closing event: Open Stage
(*Arrange your spot in advance due to limited act numbers)
£8 per performer

For anymore Information please contact the academy of Belly Dance directly via email at bellydanceacademybelfast@gmail.com or via Whatsapp at 44 07760838468

We are thrilled to welcome you for such unique and special night!

Refund Policy

This event is non refundable; in exceptional circumstances we will allow a transfer of your enrollment in case you find another participant who is willing and able to take your place

Payments, whether partial or full, are non-refundable. Purchases are to secure your participation and are final. Money cant be transferred. This is due to the exclusivity of this event. By continuing with your registration and purchasing the package you agree to these terms.

Maitri Studio Belfast
4 The Mount
Belfast, Europe – United Kingdom