Suhaila Salimpour format level 1 workshop with Sabriye Tekbilek

November 1, 2019 - November 3, 2019

Type of event: Intensive


What do Rachel Brice, Sadie Marquardt & Sharon Kihara (have in common (to name a few) ? The Suhaila Salimpour technique, named after the dancer who created it and who is no other than the daughter of the great Jamila Salimpour ! This format breaks down each movement into simple muscular contractions, which then allows for precise isolation work and combining movements into what is called “layering”.

Suhaila Salimpour has blended the belly dance she had learnt from her mother with her knowledge of Eastern dances (ballet, jazz, street dance, etc. ) and she has designed a revolutionary bellydance technique, in which each movement is broken down into muscular contractions. As a result, one learns to isolate and coordinate the different parts of one’s body with infinite possibilities.  Her format can be applied to all styles of dance including tribal, cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish and fusion styles.

​A Level 1 intensive is the perfect place for beginners of the format to start and an invaluable opportunity for more advanced students to train at a higher level with Suhaila as well as obtain CEC credits required to maintain certification. In this workshop Suhaila will teach the fundamental theories and physical requirements of Level 1 and give more advanced students extra layers and concepts to work with.

A workshop covering the second level of the Suhaila Salimpour format will be taught by Suhaila Sailmpour herself in April 2020. More information here.

As for all certification workshops, it is strongly advised that you prepare in advance. Follow this link for more information on certification workshops. 

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La Passerelle Dance Studio
Rue Victor Hugo 145
1030 Schaerbeek, Europe – Belgium