TribaLeuven presents: Hilde Cannoodt

April 6, 2019 - April 7, 2019

Type of event: Workshops


Hilde will be back in Belgium, and teaching 2 days!
Safe the weekend of April 6 and 7!

A Masterclass on Saturday for the advanced level, and 2 workshops on Sunday open level.
On Saturday we might organise a little cosy Hafla!


* Saturday 6/4/2019: MASTERCLASS*

14:00-17:00 – Intermediate/advanced/pro level

In this masterclass Hilde will give very individual guidance to all students in their own journey as a dancer. Using choreology as a tool, Hilde will help students identify their own movement patterns with great clarity and depth, as well as offer tools to break habitual pathways and offer new ways of moving. We will look closer into spatial and dynamic elements of dance. Students are required to bring a 1 – 2 minute choreography (no improv, please. max 2 mins) to a particular song of their choice. They will be required to perform this early on in the workshop and they will be working with this choreo throughout the class. Hilde will provide a safe learning environment as well as very individual feedback to each student, to help them grow in whatever direction they wish to go in. This class is limited to 10 students and is open to intermediate – advanced level students only.

note: choreology or movement analysis is a study in which we look closely to movement in all its shapes and forms. It can be used as a tool to have a deeper understanding about dance and it is based on Laban’s principles. Hilde specialised in choreology at the Laban centre since 2009. She is particularly known for applying the choreological principles to fusion dance, in particular fusion bellydance.

* Sunday 7/4/2019 *

– 10am – 11am – open level
CONDITIONING FOR DANCE: yoga and Pilates morning session

This class is the perfect way to start the day: using yoga and Pilates as a base, we will work on very particular exercises that will prepare our bodies for the classes ahead. Focus will be on anatomical precision, safe movement practice and focusing the mind to make the most of your dance practice.

– 11 – 1pm
FUSION BELLYDANCE: technique and combinations

Learn a bunch of new isolation combos and travelling steps to a great playlist! This is Hilde’s signature style of bellydance, strongly inspired by dancers such as Jill Parker and Zoe Jakes. In this class focus is on dance, dance, dance! Fall in love with bellydance all over again!

– 2-4pm

Drawing from many styles such as West African, Rwandan, Indian, ballet, jazz, Egyptian, Flamenco, Hilde created a signature contemporary dance style which she best describes as transcultural fusion. Through a series of exercises drawing from her knowledge in these dance styles, she takes students on a trip around the world, with a clear vision towards the end of class: how can these styles inform each other and work towards effortless fusion where a new style of dance is created? We will learn a choreography towards the end of class, encompassing all we have learnt.


Yoga: 12€
Fusion Bellydance: 28€
Transcultural Fusion: 28€



Early Bird: Register BEFORE February 1st and get 5€ discount


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